So you’ve done your research and decided that forex trading is for you. Now, you need to find a reputable and regulated forex broker in your country; brokers have different deals and promotions depending on the country you reside in and here you can simply choose your region and see what brokers are available and what they have to offer. These forex broker comparison tables will make it easy to find the right broker for your trading needs and requirements.


Forex trading is very popular in Europe and it’s no wonder that practically every single European country is represented in this table. Even though brokers tend to offer similar service across the whole regions, it’s still important to see what exactly on offer in your country and what regulations exist there. Here, you can see European brokers by country.

United Kingdom Poland Germany
France Italy Spain
Russia Netherlands Ukraine
Romania Greece Czech Republic
Sweden Portugal Hungary
Austria Switzerland Bulgaria
Serbia Denmark Finland
Slovakia Norway Ireland
Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Albania
Lithuania Moldova Slovenia
North Macedonia Latvia Kosovo
Estonia Cyprus Luxembourg


Americas is another region where forex trading is very popular and it’s actually on the rise, so it is important to find a broker you can trust, especially if you’re just starting out and overwhelmed with the amount of brokers and offers on offer in your country.

Brazil Mexico Argentina
Colombia Peru Venezuela
Chile Ecuador Guatemala
Bolivia Haiti Dominican Republic
Honduras Paraguay El Salvador
Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama
Uruguay Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago
Guyana Suriname


Despite being the most populous region on the planet, forex trading is not as popular in Asia as in other regions and it’s mainly due to the regulations. If you’re still eager to try your hand at forex trading, you can use the table bellow to choose a broker in your country.

Indonesia India Turkey
Philippines Vietnam Thailand
South Korea Saudi Arabia