Greece being the first country in the Eurozone to drop the currency is becoming the popular trending news with bookies such that both of Britain’s largest bookmaker and rivals Ladbrokes and William Hill have already indefinitely postponed betting activities as of the moment. The two rivals fear that in-the-know punters in the financial sector are supporting Greece’s exit prior to bookies can get a concrete comprehension of the grave seriousness of what is currently happening in the Eurozone. William Hill’s media relations director mentioned in an interview that the current situation is very unstable fears the worst as they don’t have anyone to lean upon. He further added that with the instability of the market, the rumors of any kind tends to light up like bush fires that travels so fast even before we could react.

With the recent elections set in Greece, the consequences were relatively distressing as it further led the nation into a bottomless pit of uncertainty and turmoil with a large parliament with no evidence of agreed upon terms between oppositions in forming a coalition government to battle the economic instability once and for all. The majority of the disparity of the two parties are attributed mainly to the terms of bailouts from the EU and IMF which the Leftist are highly against to which will default on the country’s enormous debts that will definitely have serious effects in the world economy. The leftist opposition is rejecting the idea of forming a new government with pro-bailout parties unless concessions are made on austerity which in turn will make the Greek economy highly uncertain.

The suspended betting further fuelled speculations regarding the future of euro and its existence by 2016. With one country planning to leave the euro, the probability for other members to follow is also very likely to happen if the tribulations surrounding the euro will not be given closure in due time. If one country is at risk of falling in the centrifugal force of the merry-go-round eurozone economy then the force that threw one Eurozone member will definitely result in many more to be thrown off the market.