Financial spread betting firm IG Group reportedly made extensions in its trading hours on more than twenty plus primary U.S. stocks in order to further assist traders and investors in making most of possible good trading opportunities during the last weeks of the earnings season.

Moreover, IG clients just recently will now be able to trade new stocks including any of the following; Goldman Sachs , Apple , Ford and Exxon of which trading in American based markets conventionally would closed at exactly 9 PM in every trading day.

This recent attempt in moving the extension in trading activities by IG was driven to garner more focus and attention on more deserving and active clients who are producing much better and greater share in terms of revenue. Furthermore, the move has already raised substantially quite a hefty amount of deposits and created more personalised service for most important and valuable users.

Finally, last month’s activities by the IG group provided well over a 9 % increase in third quarter profits in terms of online trading in shares, foreign exchanges, indexes binary options and commodities and further mentioned in its reports that an optimistic full year revenue would be ahead of the previous year.