The London and Paris and AIX Provence in France (Business Wire) smartTrade Technologies which is the global leader in cross-asset liquidity management solutions and software recently announced that the CMC markets (one of the leaders in providing CFD trading, FX and spread betting) has chosen LiquidityFX™ as the formers trading solution for FX and precious metals.
CMC Markets was able to pick smartTrade for its ingenious inception of a no brokerage fee model and cloud-based service which is geared towards taking full advantage of being globally co-located with other liquidity providers.

Because of the next generation aggregation and clever smart order routing ability of LiquidityFX, CM Markets perks from the true direct market access in choosing Liquidity Providers and ECNs, without the spread betting altering the impact of liquidity fees of which smartTrade does not make additional charges to Liquidity Providers.

CMC Market’s traders can now openly trade in a fully disclosed bilateral manner with the use of the LiquidityFX API or UI, with a diverse range active or passive types of orders. SmartTrade’s solution are not only effective but are duly effective in proving better hit ratios and significantly reducing executioner latency therefore improving efficiency and revenue of CMC Market’s trading activity.

LiquidityFX was hosted in Equinix’s data centres in London, New York and Tokyo which radically reduced the time-to-market roll out in a complex FX trading system. Moreover, the cloud based offering allows banks and brokers better grip of IT expenditures because of the flat fee structure and the outsourcing of maintenance to a dedicated smartTrade’s 24/7 and year round global support team.

There has been quite an improvement in tighter spreads towards filling ratios due to the no brokerage fee model provided by smartTrade and the perks of being cross-connected to several liquidity providers adds up to the benefits. In addition, the smartTrade solution has substantially simplified its infrastructure which allowed for a much better and faster response in terms of changes in the environment.

SmartTrade is definitely a visionary pioneer in transparent technology with volume agnostic fees and wide range of ground-breaking functionality in providing benefits for both traders and clients alike. The growing support of CMC Markets in expanding their FX and precious metals trading activities are very promising through the use of the best of technology has to offer.

Furthermore, the user-friendly trading front-ends and API is very useful in allowing it to be up and running for weeks at a time and providing CMC Markets with an essential step ahead in the FX market.