ProSpreads offers traders a fast and reliable way to spread bet the major indices, commodities and currencies. This is done through the ProSpreads trading platform which provides the same functionality as Direct Market Access. This advanced trading functionality has numerous advantages and attracts the serious speculator who is looking for that extra edge when tackling today’s financial markets.

The ProSpreads platform is unique in that it provides users with the same functionality used by banks and brokerages. Direct Market Access is where a market participant is able to access the underlying market directly and compete with all other participants. As ProSpreads directly references its prices from the underlying markets it can offer extremely tight spreads and you will never be re-quoted. As long as the underlying market price is available, the spread bet price will be available.

The ProSpreads platform offers a number of advanced trading functions, including 4 different ways to trade and extremely fast execution with orders filled in a fraction of a second. DMA functionality enables you to see all the underlying bids and offers outside the market spread. This price transparency means you can view all the orders above and below the underlying market, which is a useful tool when gauging potential support and resistance. In addition to the benefits of DMA functionality and the ProSpreads platform, profits generated from spread betting are free from capital gains tax in the UK*.

The ProSpreads team has extensive experience in the financial markets and offer a dedicated support team and dealers desk. There is a demo account available along with seminars, webinars and one-on-one demonstrations enabling potential clients to see the platform in action and understand its numerous advantages.

*Tax laws may be subject to change and depend on the individual circumstances of each client.