In the recent reports, the top shares in Britain have been dragged down yesterday by the heavyweight oil stocks. This has reversed the previous gains that were contributed from the strong performances of miners and banks before. Further, this was after many investors were very unwilling to drive the blue chip indices up to its 2012 highs. Hence, spread betting, CFDs as well as other commodities and financial instruments were quite unstable in the past days.

Specifically, the FTSE 100 index was down by 0.6 per cent or 33.15 points from its previous level at 5,869.55 in the past trading day. According to many reports, the integrated oil stocks and indices were among the biggest contributors or perpetrators while the said FTSE 100 index has been dragged down. This has contributed a lot to affect the sentiments of the profit-takers after the market gained a little in the previous trading sessions. Moreover, it has been reported as well as that the biggest company in the world supplying building materials was the biggest faller this time with a downfall of 3.3 per cent in the recent trading session. This is in the midst of the recent growth that is slowing down in the Europe area.

Meanwhile, spread betting, CFD trading as well as futures trading and other instruments or transactions in the stock market have been really bumpy even across the Europe economy. Specifically, the United States blue chips have not been performing well too. As a matter of fact, its housing market is at a very glacial pace right now. Nevertheless, the good thing about this is that it s starting to recover. Further, it was flat when the London trading session was closed after posting some strong gains. The strong gains that somehow boosted the stock market and other forms of it like spread betting and CFD trading were noticed after the Federal Reserve indicated a good and supportive monetary policy for the country. With this kind of developments, it is expected the US economy will begin to improve in the coming days.

Aside from that, on the other hand, the mining stocks resisted the weak market trend by jumping at least two per cent recently.