The GFT is one of the best IT solutions that many investors use when it comes to spread betting. Recently, it has introduced a great innovation that will allow financial investors to engage in binary betting. What this means is that they will be able to make a buy or sell position for a prediction if a specific event will happen or not. This kind of new platform for the investors includes foreign exchange as well as different kinds of indices and even financial commodities.

With this kind of innovation, trading has become more visual, which is what most traders wanted. For instance, the DealWheel tool is a kind of financial tool that provides a countdown of the expiration of an instrument. This makes the trading atmosphere more fun, challenging and interactive. Aside from that, it is also very useful for binary betting because the instruments and positions are either entered or exited as long as the traders want. In fact, the GFT offers different modes of trading depending on the duration like five minutes, 25 minutes as well as hourly intervals. Hence, a reminder of the time is really very important.

One of the advantages of using the GFT software for spread betting or binary betting is that the investors will be able clearly see its possible maximum losses from the position. In this view, more traders are encouraged to enter the game. Aside from that, the GFT for binary betting is also very easy to use since trading here is very easy to grasp as well. Furthermore, the GFT also offers things that are more than just the actual trading. Actually, since it was developed in 1990s, this software is now offering trader education. This is an essential part of the software because it has customer surveys that lots of investors are looking for. Specifically, this new feature educates traders about the short and long term basic and fundamental indicators.

More innovations and developments are coming along the way for the GFT when it comes to spreading betting and binary betting. Since people are towards mobility nowadays, they are also developing their platforms and software for different mobile instruments and devices like iPad as well as Android and other mobile devices. With these new innovations, the GFT will surely offer utmost mobility and accessibility for both binary betting and spread betting as well as other relevant financial instruments.