DF Markets announce a new software upgrade for all versions of the trading platform (desktop, web and mobile).

The improvements are aimed at a more comprehensive approach to monitoring and analysing historical trading data. This way, we are helping you develop a broader and more informed perception of the financial markets.

Here are the innovations added to the platform:


DFTrader & DF WebTrader

  • Order window: See the past 20 orders placed in a particular trading instrument in the web version, and the last 1,000 orders in the desktop version of our platform: right-click on the particular instrument in any of the platform’s windows (Quotes grid, Positions, Executed Orders and/or Pending Orders), then select Last Orders.
  • Info boxes for executed orders: An info box about orders in the particular instrument is displayed in the Executed Orders window at rollover or by clicking on the little “i” icon next to the instrument name.
  • Instrument Statistic on Charts: Right-click and select Instruments Statistics in the Charts window, and you will see a pop-up showing the Average Open Close, Average High Low, Maximum Open Close and Maximum High Low price parameters for the duration of the timeframe during a particular period. Set the Instrument Statistic window to display the statistics in different timeframes by using the ribbon at the bottom of the chart, then clicking Refresh in the pop-up.

DF Mobile Trader

  • Open positions will remain indicated on the charts with a yellow line, however you will now see the position size multiplied by the average price too.
  • Tapping on a candle no longer shows a bubble with the open, close, highest and lowest prices, but these details are indicated at the top of the chart instead.
  • Tap on an instrument in the Orders screen and you will see all their transactions in the selected instruments filtered. The filter will remain active for both executed and pending orders until it is closed by clicking on the blue “X” sign in the filter field. Additionally, the position sizes multiplied by the average price and the P/L after executing the order are displayed as well.