If you’ve ever thought of investing in the stock market, you might be interested in a book that can assist you in doing so. The opportunity for the general public to own shares in private enterprises has grown since the privatization revolution in the 1980s. As with most commercial operations, this opportunity has grown exponentially with the introduction of the internet.

Robbie Burn’s book, ‘The Naked Trader,’ walks the inexperienced share trader through the different ways that shares can be traded on the internet, as well as guidance on how to make big money and quit your day job.

The book is rationally laid out and begins with a description of a typical day in the life of a Naked Trader. There are sections on topics you should be familiar with, such as spread betting and shorting.

The Naked Trader by Robbie Burn will be discussed in-depth in this article. With no further ado, let’s get started!

Man Behind the Naked Trader

The Naked Trader by Robbie BurnsIt’s critical to first get to know the “Naked Trader” in order to comprehend where he comes from. Robbie Burns is a successful long-term trader who has been in the industry for over a decade.

Since 1981, when he graduated from Harlow College with a journalism degree, he has been a writer and journalist. He worked as a teletex editor for Channel 4 and ITV from 1988 until 1992. Robbie transitioned to the Internet after a career in journalism and television.

The Naked Trader has gained more than £2.5 million in tax-free profits from trading equities since 2001. As a result, he became one of the few ISA millionaires in the UK, with profits year after year, regardless of market conditions. His public trades have brought in almost £1.5 million.

His Writings

Robbie’s best-selling book “The Naked Trader” is his most well-known work. Beginner traders, as well as many seasoned specialists in the business, were drawn to it. The famous book’s first edition came out in 2005, the second in 2007, and the third edition came out in 2011.

Robbie also wrote “The Naked Trader’s Guide to Spread Betting,” which is a follow-up to his best-selling book. He also contributed to the Sunday Times newspaper’s DIY Pension section. In that column, he detailed how he doubled the amount of money he had in his pension plan.

How Did Robbie Get his Start in the Trading World?

Robbie Burns worked as a finance editor for Sky before quitting to pursue full-time trading. Since 1998, he’d been producing a “diary page” for the company’s Teletext service. As the Internet grew in popularity, he moved his journal page to the web and launched his Naked Trader website. It was a site that was both entertaining and educational. But we’ll get to that when we explain what was on his diary page.

Main Advice by Robbie

If some people opt to follow their favourite forex trading analyst, known as the naked guy, without actually comprehending it or thinking twice, Robbie’s key piece of advice is that they should complete their study before deciding to buy shares.

For them, this might be an issue. On the other side, they may wind up buying for a lot higher price or selling for a much lower price. He avoids assuming responsibility for other people’s decisions and emphasises the importance of having a thorough understanding of the market in order to make substantial earnings and achieve success.

Pros of Naked Trader Books

  • The author makes it plain right away that more people lose than profit when it comes to spreading betting. As a result, it isn’t a get-rich-quick guide.

  • It’s a good thing that the book starts with the fundamentals, such as “what exactly is a spread bet?”

  • It’s beneficial to be guided through the process step by step (using IG and Spreadex screens).

  • Throughout the book, there are useful warnings and suggestions, such as the perils of leverage, the importance of putting proper stops, avoiding crazy mining stocks and commodities, and the risks of currency trading.

  • Other people’s disaster experiences, along with the author’s commentary, are a good learning tool.

  • To a degree, interviews with spread betting companies are fascinating.

  • The novel contains several amusing moments. Finance literature might be a bit dry at times.

Cons of Naked Trader Books

  • Despite the fact that being taught the procedures is beneficial, the book might read like an advertisement for specific spread betting providers at times.

  • The interviewers may have been pushed a little harder during the spread betting company interviews. It reads more like a conversation between friends than investigative journalism at times.

  • A stamp duty computation appears to be incorrect in another area (the figure is too low). It’s possible that this hasn’t been updated or double-checked since the last edition.

  • He makes it sound too easy: “the style in which he writes the books seems rather *too* casual. He makes investing sound a little too easy (im sure its easy for Robbie Burns but for newbies starting out, you dont want to be fooled into thinking this way).” – source.

What Do People Think about the Naked Trader?

To fully understand the value of the book and naked trading in general we had to check what real people had to say and how it helped them to become better traders.

  • According to Trade2Win, “’Naked Trader’ was one of the first ever books I read when I got into investing and trading. Looking back now, I’d say it serves as a good intro to the whole thing. However, the style in which he writes the books seems rather *too* casual” and “I read this book at christmas, and am now following his techniques which made alot of sense to me”.
  • Discussion on Moneysavingexpert concentrated on the seminars and here are a few quotes: “I’ve been to a seminar and I had mixed thoughts! overall it wasn’t bad.
    Robbie is a good guy and very open to questions. He doesn’t pretend to be anything of the highest and also his method is very basic but done well, which is incredibly hard on the markets! simple risk management and targets!” and “I loved his books – and often listen to the audio-books in the car – he seems a switched on bloke”
  • Redditors had something to say as well: “The book is worth a read as a primer into investing in shares, especially if you can pick it up cheap from Amazon or direct from the website of the publisher, Harriman House. His up selling is pretty bad (his website is especially appalling in this regard). I’ve yet to see any detailed testimony from anyone who has attended one of his ‘courses’ and become a very successful full time investor.”

After reading reviews on Amazon and other websites, we came to a conclusion that the book had been well received and people managed to understand naked trading but at the same time people didn’t like the up-selling tricks.

The Purpose of the Naked Trader Website

naked trader websiteAs he describes himself, the Naked Trader website is merely a simple blog about his trading, not a “tipping” site. Robbie wants everyone to know that his website isn’t a “tipping site” because he doesn’t consider himself a tipper. He dislikes being a tipster because, in his opinion, tipsters are continuously pressuring people to buy things, and tipsters are usually regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Robbie is unrestricted. He is only expressing what he has personally purchased or sold, with no purpose of persuading anybody to share his opinions and experiences. This straightforward trader is only concerned with stating his positions.

As a result, he avoids answering inquiries regarding which stock to buy or which to avoid because he isn’t allowed or trained to provide “specific investment advice.” Robbie is on hand to share his thoughts on market education in general.


The nuked trader website’s main goal, however, is to entertain and occasionally spark debate. He claims it’s a requirement for admittance in the first place! Robbie advises individuals to learn from their own successes and failures in order to know what to avoid and what to focus on.

Medium-Term Investing

Robbie doesn’t want people to follow him into something they don’t understand, especially one that could be dangerous. He claims that taking chances is fine for him because he can afford to do so, but this isn’t always the case for others.

He considers himself a medium-term investor, keeping his shares for anywhere from a week to three months, or even a couple of years in certain extreme cases! He does, however, caution people not to blindly follow his decisions because he frequently plays momentum.

A potential stock he purchased could already be worth a lot more than it was when he got it. It’s especially true because he doesn’t update it on a daily basis.

Diary Page

What a diary page could symbolise isn’t a big secret. It was basically a blog that served as a chronicle of his daily activities. He was primarily concerned with what he had purchased, sold, or shorted, along with brief explanations as to why he had done so.

In fact, he relied on a slew of stockbrokers and spread betting firms to perform what he did best: execute transactions. He opted to disregard commissions and payouts, assuming that the two would somehow balance out.

What Exactly is a Naked Trader’s Motivation?

Robbie Burns, or the “Naked Trader,” as many people refer to him, is constantly interested in the stocks he discusses, and that interest may be huge at times. Robbie’s purchases will always have lesser stakes for website purposes, despite the situation.

As a result, despite the fact that his purchases are “genuine enough,” he frequently buys much larger interests in the shares than the pricing indicates. Furthermore, this well-known nudist may “top up” in shares without having to declare it.

He’ll occasionally deal with more issues than he generally reveals in his Naked Trader daily updates on the internet. This is due to time constraints in the event that markets are overcrowded.

Site’s Design

If you’ve decided to spend some time with the Internet’s most renowned nudist, read the entire description before clicking the “accept button,” which means “accept this disclaimer.”

Naturally, the term “Naked Trader” conjures up images of who-knows-what. However, after reading the entire disclaimer, it’s clear that they’d like to understand more about his trading background. So, what can you expect to see on the website?

On the well-known website, there is a lot of content.

Every other Thursday afternoon, the website is updated. The following categories are included in it:

  • Diary – Basically, everything he does in his daily life
  • Archive – A compilation of his previously published material.
  • Trades – To monitor trade tables that are first reported under the “Markets” section on the diary page on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Stocks, spread bet shorts and spread bet longs are all available.
  • His story “Escaping the Rat Race” is included in the book.
  • Offers – information on the NT website, ADVFN offers, Money Week Magazine offers, Sharepad offers, and so on may be found here.
  • Books — This will lead you to a different website with monthly book and author picks, bestseller titles, and what’s coming up next, among other things.
  • Seminars — This page lists forthcoming online or in-person seminars. If you’re keen on attending a nudist lecture, keep an eye on this page.
  • Sports – A Naked Trader will usually deliver an audio weekend preview.
  • ADVFN – Includes the special ADVFN level 2, bonze, and silver offers.
  • FAQ
  • Contact- If you wish to email Robbie.

About “The Naked Trader” Book

Those who want to invest in stocks but don’t know how or are bored of all the jargon in numerous books and other resources should read The Naked Trader. It’s all about stock market investment, and it’s a lot of fun!

From real-life trading examples by Robbie Burns, the book could assist anyone in comprehending potential risks in trading, price action trading, and a variety of other issues. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about what it takes for any trader to make money in today’s markets.

Because it contains exclusive ideas, advice, and stories, the Naked Trader book has become incredibly famous. Many people were able to learn how to trade successfully and tax-free on their own as a result of it. It has extensive instructions on how to:

  • By shorting, you can do spread betting by hedging against long positions
  • Charts should be read
  • Make a loss cease

The Naked Trader book is also a great introduction to trading for newbies.

What is naked trading?

Naked trading, also known as price action trading, is when traders evaluate and predict market futures based on real-time price changes without any assistance from technical indicators.

Your trading chart is bare without any technical indicators when you trade naked, and you should learn what the market is doing and where it’s going from that bare chart. Because some traders believe market moves are completely random, it’s hard to foresee where they’ll go. Next, most traders find naked trading extremely difficult, tedious, and even a waste of time.

Is Naked Trader book easy to read?

Yes, The Naked Trader book is created in simple English that novices and seasoned investors can comprehend. It covers everything from trading tactics to short selling, spread betting, and trading psychology. As Robbie points out, the name Naked Trader is a little deceptive because he isn’t a day trader at all; instead, he invests for the medium to long term, but we think Naked Investor is a more appealing name.


This is it! This was the Naked Trader review. The Naked Trader is the greatest place to begin if you’re a complete newbie. It’s also ideal if you’ve already started trading and want to learn some new, practical trading strategies. Aside from making some extra money on the side while at work or going full-time trading and quitting your job like Robbie, The Naked Trader has everything you’ve been looking for. Start trading with a cup of tea and some bread.