Fortis Kouvelis, the only steadfast and committed leader who stands between the nation of Greece and impending and possibly distressing new elections said he has so little hopes for the resolution of the crisis plaguing the country’s economy as he met with Greece’s president Carolos Popoulias in a closed door meeting yesterday. Kouvelis, who is the standing leader of a small Democratic Left faction, was the final among seven group heads to meet with the president in order to make amendments for the nation to free itself from economic difficulties with its long standing fight to stay with the euro.

With Greece’s government on the halt since last weekend’s election due to the rejected pro-bailout parties in favour of the constellation of smaller groups who wanted to put an end to earlier deals. Democratic Left (who has won over 6 per cent of votes and 19 seats) would have guaranteed an unsure coalition including established parties but somehow backed down because it wouldn’t be part of any public governance which will not comprise the hugest anti-bailout grouping. Moreover, Democratic Left representative furiously rebutted arguments from Syriza that it had made settlements to collaborate in an emergency government with the pro-bailout groups.

Syriza’s spokesperson Alexis Tsipras fell to deaf ear with the president’s petition to work in hand with the pro-bailout parties at his previous meeting. In addition, Tsipras made mentioned that they are not supposedly asking for amendments but instead asking for us (Syriza) to be accomplices in crime which is such an insult on the party’s principles and foundation. Syriza that indeed became an overnight sensation since it placed second in last week’s votes will ultimately come first in any new elections as previous polls have shown quite promising vitals even though vote shares of last week were a bit slim.

The other head at the morning talks, Evangelos Venizelos leader of Pasok stated that he has still high hopes that the agreement could still be pushed though despite the staggered uncertain conditions but is warned that time is almost running out. In this case, if an alliance cannot be agreed upon after Wednesday then the president will have no choice but to recall a new election. Finally, one of Venizelos final statements include still holding to the slim hopes that a suitable government can be assembled it’s either that or push through with new elections.

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2012