DF Markets recently announced a new type of service in their existing ones: Spread Betting which is an optional alternative to the conventional trading that provides clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland the added perk of placing bets on the price movements of thousands of existing financial markets, including currencies, stock indices, shares commodities and similar others.

One of the most important advantage of Spread Betting over CFD trading that originates from the fact that it is not included from Capital Gains Tax as well as Stamp Duty Tax in the U.K.. It should be taken into account that the tax treatment is dependent on the individual circumstance mainly because of the existing tax laws that are subject to change. Moreover, spread betting players likewise don’t pay commission on their trades.

DF Markets provides the new Spread betting services through practically any desktop, web-based and mobile versions of its propriety platform which boasts a professional yet user friendly interface coupled with powerful trading tools and an advance charting package which are primarily intended to give clients a smooth and convenient trading experience.

It must always be remembered that Spread Betting is a leverage product. This basically means that only the needed deposit is comparatively just a small percentage of the total value of a given trade, which will leave them practically with more money that is available for betting on the other markets.

Along with new services. DF Markets is spearheading two promotional programmes designed for a new clients who want to sign up for a new spread betting account which comprises 10 % worth of trading credit on deposit along with a £30 no deposit welcome bonus.