United Kingdom After months of debates, adrenalin and misunderstandings, people of Scotland have finally cast their votes on the independence of Scotland and it is official that Scotland will remain part of the UK.

Now, let’s look back and see what went wrong for Alex Salmond and supporters of ‘Yes’ vote. He wanted Scottish people to vote with their hearts for the independence but it is such a delicate issue and it is no wonder it took some long hours to decide what was best for themselves and their country.

Key points:

  1. EU membership confusion. There was a lot of confusion if Scotland would still be part of the European Union. Alex Salmond assured us that Scotland would be part of EU and then negotiate their own terms despite numerous calls from EU elite and other politicians that Scotland would have to apply for the membership.
  2. No currency. Alex Salmond and SNP did not manage to come up with a single feasible alternative for the currency of independent Scotland.
  3. Exaggerated oil claims. It’s very difficult to say for sure how much oil left there in the North See and how much of it Scotland would actually have but according to the latest reports, all claims were exaggerated by SNP (Alex Salmond refuses to downgrade oil estimates despite criticism from Sir Ian Wood).
  4. Ignoring higher borrowing costs for independent Scotland. Once again, mentions of higher borrowing costs were completely downplayed or ignored by Alex Salmond (Aviva chief warns Scots of higher public borrowing costs).
  5. Waste of time and money. A true leader should know what his/her people want and it seems it wasn’t the case. After such a lot time of lobbying and campaigning he didn’t know what people of Scotland really wanted. It was a real waste of money and time for all of us and surely this money could be spent much better.


Only time will tell if Scottish people made the right choice but one thing for sure, if you want to prove a point then you have to make sure you have a feasible plan.

Sorry, Mr Salmond but if I want a business loan from a bank then they ask me for a workable business plan, if I want to get a new job then I have to prove to my employer that I am good enough to do the job. You have to be direct, straight to the point and back up your arguments with the facts.

One needs passion, trust and cool head to lead a nation. Maybe it is time for Alex Salmond to resign and let somebody else to lead?