The precious yellow element is back once again and so far gold intermittently risen in value by 10pc which easily outpaced the FTSE 100 index of the principal leading shares which was down 1pc for the year.

One relatively popular way to invest in the precious metals industry is purchasing gold from miners. FTSE 100 listed Rangold and Fresnillo as the most sought after mining companies evidenced by their shares rocketing by 30pc so far this year, however investors haven’t fully missed out on the essential things.

For instance, Fresnillio’s shares are estimated at around £10 which are still less than half of the highs subsequently reached in just over 12 months. If gold at this instance begin to rise the shares will likewise increase subsequently. Moreover, those with an even larger appetite for risk could take African Barrick Gold along with Egyptian Gold miner Centamin as a good example of the perfectly legitimate thing not to do when investing in golf whose shares have utterly failed to recover.

Investors must always consider that the link between gold miners and the underlying price of gold can sometimes be rather unpredictable and erratic because of the individual issues at each mining company more so with the country’s policies and existing laws on mining where the mining takes place. Those with a vigorous appetite for going through with the risk can proceed but the negative repercussions cannot certainly be overlooked as this is not a good substitute for gold price.

How to profit more

Spreading your bet evenly can be done by moving gold price through service dealing service. For those who want to own physical gold coins or better yet, gold bars there is always the option of establishing with known dealers such as Chard and Bullion.

Finally, long term investing is perhaps the most plausible option which can be effectively done by holding a portion of approximately 5pc of the overall investment portfolio which would result in a long term unwavering strategy. This method can lead to a more essential long-term stability of profit if done correctly.