In this week’s early trade, the FTSE is sliding further down approximately 25 points while the Eurozone and the United States dread their sentiments over the implications it bears. The Greek government has had several months out of the hot seat since its climactic showdown regarding its difficulties staying within the Eurozone. With the Italy and Spain almost over the edge of their limits, the country (Greece) which was the spotlight of the news many months ago during the height of the crisis has been more or less ignored in the past few weeks.

However, restored internal strife over the timing of the deficit cutbacks has threatened to upset the fragile balance attained earlier this past few months brought by the Draghi plan. The French government commented that Greece should be given a new additional time rift with Berlin which was unwavering to the extension appealed to them. The ECB chairman must now turn his attention once again to Athens, even as he does his best efforts to steer Italy and Spain out of the rough seas.

In the United Kingdom’s share news, the final call was given and appeared to have been blown for a certain company which was already down 92 % year-to-date, was suspended from trading this week as the administrative heads were called in. The outcome of the company’s staff and employees still remain unclear as of the moment.

The week began rather quietly on the economic front from which only German IFO response data were circulated. This in turn revealed persisting apprehension in the Eurozone’s strongest foundations. Moreover, the August Chicago Fed analysis and the September Dallas Fed index along with the futures of Dow were relatively pointing to the losing side of the continuum which was roughly around 36 points at the open.

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