Please be informed that DF Markets CFD Terms and Conditions have been amended and took effect on 1 June 2016 (“Effective Date”). The updated CFD Terms and Conditions are available on their website.

The amendments are essentially updates and clarifications of established practices in the provision of DF services that apply in certain circumstances.

CFD update from DF Markets

No action on your part is required in order to adopt these changes. Please be sure to read the revised CFD Terms and Conditions and you will be bound by the amended terms as of the Effective Date, unless you expressly reject the amended terms by providing a written notice by email from your email address on file with DF Markets on or before 31 May 2016. Please be advised that if you reject the proposed amendment by the stated deadline, DF Markets will schedule your account for closure and notify you under separate cover of the date and approximate time that your account will be closed.

All other provisions of the CFD Terms and Conditions, not described in the Amendments schedule shall remain unchanged and continue to apply. provide a complete guide to CFDs and CFD broker comparison. Make sure you understand the risks and leverage associated with CFD trading.