As of Saturday the 28th of May, LCG will change the way in which they execute trades on MT4 for non-FX products.
changes to LCG MT4 accounts
Currently their non-FX trades are executed as ‘instant execution’ on MT4. This means when you request to trade at a price, your trade is either filled at that price (the fill price may differ by up to the ‘maximum deviation’ if you set it) or you’ll be requoted.

From the 28th of May, LCG are moving their non-FX execution of trades to ‘market execution’. The execution of all trades will be performed as ‘market execution’. This is the same as the existing execution type on FX pairs.
LCG changes
If you have open positions on this date, please note that when you want to close those positions, they will use market execution, not instant.

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