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Alpari disengage phone lines as spread betting platform problems

Author: Erik Kearney / In News

Traders who are primarily using Apari’s spread betting platform adversely reacted with anger to the firm’s problems and its failure to communicate with clients who were left with no connections to their accounts. Traders who are utilising spread betting platform have reacted with spite to the company’s problems and its failure to effectively give feedback with clients who were locked out of their account. When the firm folded it at the outset customers were told that it had gone into insolvency, only to change the announcement on its website to say that it could be sold off. However, customers have been given very few undisclosed information on how they can recover their funds. Alpari recently disconnected its phone lines over the weekend with emails that were sent to the trading platform were not given any explanation at all. Spread betters are making it clear to their clients that the latter […]

Eurozone is still providing enticing opportunities

Author: Tim Messenger / In News

Hedging currency exposure has been a saving grace. The euro had an uneven ride last year and most did not anticipate this year to bring much respite. Frail growth, credit transaction and a very real threat of a deflationary spiral are igniting mounting expectations of a quantitative easing. Economic despair have only been added to by escalating political risks: the possibility that, led by a far-left party Syriza, Greece will soon be exiting the Eurozone that will provide comfort to populist parties elsewhere. Despite the poor backdrop, many in the investment industry still predominantly remain upbeat, suggesting that Europe is home to many successful businesses with global earnings and prices appear relatively enticing by historical standards should traders at long-term valuation measures. Furthermore, European companies that generate most of the revenues outside of the region are really benefitting from a strong dollar with the falling oil prices and the healthy […]

Oil almost at its 6-year low

Author: Alex Johnson / In News

Oil cascaded 5 % to near 6-year lows prior to its recovery last week and Brent shortly traded at par to U.S. crude for the first time in three months as several traders move to take advantage of ample storage space in the U.S. Traders were looking to store the surplus of oil, which has knocked prices down 60 % in the last preceding months. This week, Brent has lost 7 % and the U.S. crude 5 % respectively. Brent settled down 84 cents at $46.59 a barrel following its fall to $45.19, its lowest level since March 2009. Moreover, U.S. crude closed down 18 cents $45.89 following a hit on April 2009 low of $44.20. Oil likewise tumbled earlier following big OPEC produced United Arab Emirates shielding the group’s decision not to cut output in order to bolster prices. Losses were strip by an outbreak of short-covering towards the close as players move […]

Is there a global economic recession coming?

Author: Gordon Smith / In News

The copper market plummeted overnight to its lowest level since the middle of the downturn in the 2008, sparked apprehensions that the global economy is slowing down more evidently than many experts have predicted. Last week’s drop was the sixth straight decline in copper prices and is presently trading at approximately $5,560 per ton, the prices are causing substantial hurt to many mining companies, whose stock responded to the copper crash by hitting a record low. Just like oil, copper has had a profound effects on the world economy since it is fundamental to the manufacture of phone lines, cables, and other infrastructures. It is likewise essential to the several world economies; the global leader in copper production namely Chile, China, Peru, the U.S. and Australia. The cooperative market was just the recent commodities to suffer from a sort of panic as oil prices have been cut half in just […]

Investors prepare for Sterling election risk and wary of Scotland vote

Author: David Gibson / In News

Currency investors commenced their own efforts to protect themselves against the risk to sterling posed by the most undecided British election for decades, having learned a rather difficult lesson in the run up to Scotland’s independence referendum. Sterling fell sharply and the surge of volatility in the preceding days of September’s vote belated investors to the probability that Scotland could break away from the rest of Britain which would adversely affect the investment and economy of Britain. This time particularly, insurance against violent price swings will be strategically placed before the May 7 parliamentary vote. Six-month sterling/dollar implied instability, the premium to hedge with alternatives that will cover the election period has surged which outstripped an increase in euro/dollar implied volatility by hitting 9.6 % last week which was its highest since June 2012 and signaled the rise from around 7.7 % over a month ago. Volatility surrounding the election has been […]