A poll of LMAX and University College London professionals has suggested the future of CFD trading could be automated, with some 79% of those polled indicating greater automation as their forecast for the industry long-term.

A poll conducted by the LMAX trading venue and University College London has revealed more automation could be the future for CFD trading, according to widespread forecasts amongst industry professionals.

Some 79% of the sample of LMAX and UCL trading professionals indicated they believe automated trading will become the main lifeblood of the CFD industry, spanning a sample of academics, traders and researches.

The poll also revealed that only a quarter (25%) of respondents felt consumers investors were capable to trade on an even basis with investment institutions, as a result of a lack of resources and trading expertise.

Rob Osmond, CEO of LMAX said that the poll offered a “telling insight” into the outlook for CFD trading long term, and suggested that traders will continue to seek the tools and knowledge they require to level the playing field with investment institutions, suggesting the retail investor has become more “sophisticated”.

The poll was unveiled at the LMAX conference, comprising a cross-section of industry professionals with speakers ranging across the technology and trading academic spectrums.