16 06, 2016

LCG Introduce Inactivity Fee

2016-06-16T20:39:25+00:00June 16th, 2016|

London-based financial spread betting and CFD broker LCG (London Capital Group) have introduced an inactivity fee, so if you're not active on your account for over 180 calendar days you'll be charged a fee for not trading (they will not charge you if you have no money on your account). [...]

12 05, 2016

Changes to LCG MT4 Accounts

2016-05-12T19:05:49+00:00May 12th, 2016|

As of Saturday the 28th of May, LCG will change the way in which they execute trades on MT4 for non-FX products. Currently their non-FX trades are executed as ‘instant execution’ on MT4. This means when you request to trade at a price, your trade is either filled at that [...]

14 04, 2016

Goodbye Capital Spreads – Final Review

2022-06-08T12:15:14+00:00April 14th, 2016|

The Capital Spreads trading platform is being closed and will be replaced by LCG's new and enhanced trading platform, LCG Trader. Your Capital Spreads account (including your account balance) will be migrated to LCG Trader between the 23rd and 30th of April 2016. You will not be able to [...]

29 02, 2016

Norwegian Share CFDs Available for Trading

2016-02-29T11:32:55+00:00February 29th, 2016|

DF Markets have expanded their traded instruments selection by adding 21 Norwegian share CFDs. These are now available for trading on all versions of the DFTrader platform (desktop, web, mobile). Besides shares of the biggest Norwegian oil and gas companies such as Fred Olsen Energy (FOE/nor), the newly-added CFDs include [...]

11 02, 2016

Even Better Trading Conditions for EUHOLLAND25

2016-02-11T17:23:56+00:00February 11th, 2016|

Excellent news DF Markets: they have improved the trading conditions for the Dutch index EUHOLLAND25. Here is what’s new: the EUHOLLAND25 target spread has been cut from 0.15 EUR to 0.09 EUR. Along with this they have also extended the hours within which you can trade the index and the [...]

16 12, 2015

New Version of the DFMobile App

2015-12-16T18:18:03+00:00December 16th, 2015|

DF Markets announce the release of a new version of the mobile trading application. Besides the usual workflow optimisation, they have enhanced the way mobile app behaves on tablets: now it automatically detects the screen size of your device and adjusts its interface for your ultimate trading experience. Here are [...]

24 11, 2015

40 Additional Shares Available for Trading with DF Markets

2015-11-24T05:11:38+00:00November 24th, 2015|

DF Markets are informing their clients that they have expanded the trading instruments selection by 40 new CFDs on American, German and Dutch shares. These are now available for trading on all the versions of the DFTrader platform (desktop, web, mobile).   Amongst these newly-added CFDs you can now find [...]

4 11, 2015

ETX Capital Change Free Withdrawals Policy

2021-11-04T05:27:18+00:00November 4th, 2015|

Spread betting and CFD broker ETX Capital informed its clients of changes to their withdrawals process which will take effect from 04/11/2015. ETX Capital will offer each client five withdrawals for any amount over 100 GBP within each calendar month without a processing fee. However, due to fees ETX incurs [...]

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