More acquisitions in spread betting and forex industry following the acquisition of CityIndex by StoneX Financial Ltd, now Raven Ventures International Ltd acquired InterTrader Group.

InterTrader has written to inform their customers of an upcoming change of ownership of InterTrader Limited (“InterTrader”) and a related change to the terms and conditions.

It is expected that, at the end of this month (November 2021), the ownership of InterTrader, and accordingly the InterTrader group (the “InterTrader Group”), will be transferred from the Entain group (the “Entain Group”) to Raven Ventures International Limited (“Raven”) (the “Change of Ownership”). They will write to customers again once the Change of Ownership has completed.

InterTrader believes that this is a positive move for the InterTrader Group and for its customers. The new owner, Raven, intends to continue to offer the current range of services and to invest to enhance and add to the offering. Raven also intends to maintain the InterTrader brands and there will be no change to customer login details or to the way they access the InterTrader services as a result of the Change of Ownership.

As a result of the Change of Ownership, the Parental Guarantee that was provided by a company in the Entain Group will no longer remain in place and, accordingly, the Terms and Conditions will be amended to reflect this. Customers are assured that they will continue to benefit from InterTrader being authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”), and in accordance with their regulatory obligations, InterTrader will continue to hold all client money on a segregated basis with a Tier One bank. Other than as envisaged above, the rights as a customer under the Terms and Conditions (an updated version of which is already available) remain unaffected by the Change of Control. However, if customers have any questions or concerns, or wish to discuss their relationship with InterTrader as a result of the cessation of the Parental Guarantee, please notify them within 10 Business Days of this announcement. Customers can do so by email or by telephone. If they do not receive any notification from you within 10 Business Days of this announcement, you will be deemed to have agreed to the cessation of the Parental Guarantee.