With the current crisis plaguing the Eurozone at present, it is becoming quite difficult and downright frustrating which obviously make speculating future movements in price extremely hard especially for new comers in the market trade.

Price volatility often makes market prediction such an intricate practice leaving many investors always picking up the pace just so to verify when changes in the market are just fleeting that should be overlooked and when such differences in market prices will bound to stay thus they should know the best time to cut back their trades in order to gain back their loses.

In terms of planning a good strategy, many finance specialists suggest that traders should imperatively agree on whether a market’s direction is more likely to head –up or head-down and the reasons why before making the trade. Another satisfactory way to identify and analyse the fluctuating market levels is to view market charts irrespective of whether the trend is rising or falling. Traders need to find out if prices are to rise or fall in the coming days. The technique majority of experienced traders use would be to “go long” if the prices will go up and respectively “go short” if the prices will go down. When traders are successful in the direction they have anticipated then they make profit, otherwise net loss is certain.

In locating profit and loss targets, traders need to know the exact amount of profit from the deal and the ceiling amount they are willing to give up is another way to make sure investors won’t be caught off-guard. By this manner, stocks and indices can be advanced to a maximum loss level so traders will know when to close their trade rather than continue with uncertainties in profit.

When traders are constantly on the move they should track their trades because it is essential in short-term spread betting. The ability to respond quickly will ensure trader minimal losses on trading opportunities. Finally when utilising spread betting, investors in the trading business should have sufficient understanding of the risks involved which can result in far larger loses than initial investments since spread betting is a leverage commodity.

Last Updated: May 21st, 2012