Following the recent acquisition of ETX Capital by Switzerland-based fintech investment fund Guru Capital, the shopping spree didn’t stop there and now ETX Capital acquired UK-based Fintech company Oval Money Ltd.

As per ETX Capital announcement: “Today is a big milestone for ETX Capital and we like to share the good news with you. We are very excited to announce today ETX Capital UK has agreed to acquire the assets of UK based Fintech company, Oval Money Ltd.”

Sneak Peek into Oval Money

Oval Money has been the recipient of multiple Fintech awards since its launch in 2016 operating a very successful mobile app focused primarily on the Italian market and has quickly achieved over 100,000 active monthly users by helping them to save and invest through their marketplace of financial products, automatically and on a recurring basis.

What Does It Mean For Customers?

The acquisition shall bring significant opportunities for traders once fully integrated by offering an expanded range of trading, saving and investment services that are easily accessible and affordable.

The combination will help to accelerate ETX’s initiatives to bring new product offerings to their customer base and set smart rules for defining individual savings habits and investment goals, making payments and tracking spending as well as trading the financial markets through a single app.

It’s important to remember that it will take time before the new offerings are available to traders as it will take time to integrate the platforms and trading experience. Customers will be updated in due course.

Last Updated: May 20th, 2021