European equities and CFD exchange Chi-X Europe has announced a substantial growth in turnover over the first quarter, as a result of its increasing reach and the rising popularity of CFDs as a tradeable instrument, leading to higher total transaction values while driving down prices for traders.

Chi-X Europe, the exchange responsible for processing the second largest volume of confirmed CFD and equity transactions across Europe, has announced a significant growth in its turnover and trading volumes, as a result of its growing operation and increasing demand for CFDs.

Chi-X’s share of trading volumes across European markets increased across the board, and the exchange now processes 27% of transactions on the FTSE100 alongside substantial market share across other major indices.

Alasdair Haynes, CEO said that the results came at the conclusion of a ‘tremendous year’, in which Chi-X had grown to become one of the most significant names in CFD and equities trading.

With the launch of a centrally cleared CFD trading platform to speed up transactions and lower market risk, and the announcement of several key strategic partnerships for Chi-X Europe, the company is anticipating another good year through 2011.