A further growth has been forecast for spread betting brokers venturing into the mobile era with dedicated trading apps and mobile platforms, suggesting that these emerging technologies could help tap potential market share amongst both existing and new trading clients.

With many leading spread betting providers already moving in to the mobile app market, with a variety of different free trading applications, independentinvestor.com believes that the viral growth of these platforms will continue, ultimately flourishing into a central, distinct market for the spread betting brokers, while urging the rest of the competition to push their own mobile infrastructure to prevent being left behind.

The spread betting market has been a key growth area in financial trading over the last decade, reaching a new audience of consumer investors that had previously been less attracted to DIY-investing.  However, with increasing demand has come a need to constantly innovate, in order to keep ahead of an intensely competitive field.

A spokesperson for independentinvestor.com, which keeps an independent eye on the movements of the brokerage industry, suggested that while brokers may be seeing an early boost from moving into mobile markets, this will be cemented as a wise business strategy as technologies continue to improve, helping spread distribution and open access to a range of new trading clients.

“The last six months has seen big name broker after big name broker launch their own mobile trading innovations, whether that’s in the form of an iPhone trading app, or a specially tailored browser for fast access to the markets on the move. This has certainly been a boon for traders, with greater access than ever before to their trading accounts, affording mobile execution of orders and full account functionality on mobile devices. While the brokers have unquestionably spent heavily in developing their mobile offerings, we’re predicting big things for mobile trading over the next twelve months, and over the longer term as it grows to become a trading norm.”

“Mobile technologies are continuing to improve, and with virtual full access to trading accounts through today’s apps and platforms, the full extent of the mobile revolution still remains open for exploration.  At independentinvestor.com, we’ve already seen positive feedback to the market’s moves into mobile territory, and we forecast continued strong growth in mobile as a sub-sector of the private spread trading market.”

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