Following the existing professional guideline can ultimately direct you to the right path to success. Looking endlessly at a seemingly void and empty page while chewing down on the opposite end of your pencil in desperately trying to muster a bright new idea in trading strategies can be a very difficult task to begin with. There are lots of potential guide books that can assist you but the off-putting drawback is its applicability percentage will never give you a 100 per cent successful outcome since no single trader are the same. There is of course the option of selecting an off-the-shelf trading guide that traders can use aside from conventional guides from experts.

By taking an already successful and existing plan you are already implementing a technique that has already been successfully tested and developed. Moreover, the secret to a good CFD strategy is rooted in a trader’s instinctive ability to detect when to enter and exit a trade. The many advantages in searching for an existing off-the-shelf strategy includes the following; filtering the selection process to examine for techniques in terms of percentage winners, stock, risks, sector, trade frequency and initial stop.

Many social trading platforms have already adopted several trading techniques by means of the copy trader function. It is basically very much like following a popular trend on Twitter; you can follow and copy an expert trader by simply clicking the follow panel on their profile page while choosing the amount on how much you would like to invest in their performance since you can visually see the trader’s profit history, portfolio and trading style.
Although looking at an existing trading guide can lead to a better and successful outlook, traders should always remember that the aforementioned off-the-shelf CFD trading plan is merely a helping tool and that it should never be unquestionably be followed and the final decision on the most crucial decision making especially when entering and closing trades should be the sole responsibility of the trader.

Extreme caution should be observed when taking on a trading strategy even though much credibility is behind the strategy’s success. Assimilating and building your own strategy by incorporating the strong points of several strategies and limiting their weaknesses not only will make your plan more successful but more importantly gives you more confidence in dealing with your decisions as you go about entering risky trades.

It is also important to consider that creating your own off-the-shelf CFD personal strategy is never easy to develop. This is very true especially during the initial stage of formulating your personal CFD trading strategy since there will be a lot of trial and error in selecting which process will most fit your personality, temperament and profile.