Forex Tips and Techniques

So we’ve looked in some depth at the theory behind the markets that’s underpinning how currencies and forex trading works, and we’ve even gone on to examine some of the strategies you can use to get the best results from your trading. But beyond the sheer mechanics of how to generate a return from forex there lies a human element to the problem. Humans are driven by human psychology, and with the best will in the world it’s often difficult to overcome some of these inherent behaviours and emotions that can take hold. Furthermore, before you’re made aware of the damaging practices that tend to creep in and affect so many traders, you may not even be aware of your tendency to do likewise.

Successful trading is all about sticking to the game plan and making sensible, rational investment decisions. A substantial part of that comes down to being assured that you are trading with your head rather than your heart, and that you are following the strict list of do’s and don’t we’ve set out for you below.