Spread betting company Tradefair Spreads is now offering clients the ability to use Autochartist, an automated application designed to help with technical analysis and making investment decisions.

Spread betting broker Tradefair Spreads has announced that its clients can now access Autochartist, an automated technical analysis application which helps pinpoint investment trends and analyse market data.

The Autochartist tool, which automatically gets to work to help identify patterns and potential investment opportunities, is available as an add-on to the regular spread betting platform, free to use by customers in order to help improve their trading knowledge and make better investment decisions.

A spokesperson for Tradefair Spreads said that the inclusion of Autochartist would help ensure customers will “not miss trading opportunities that match their strategies”, thanks to the automated platform which is “very easy to use”.

One of the leading brands in automated technical analysis, Autochartist is also used by professional investors and funds, as a powerful automated scanning device which detects certain market behaviours that lend themselves to opportunities for trading profits.

Last Updated: November 4th, 2021