By adding MetaTrader 4 service to an account, people will notice the reason behind so many investors delight in trading forex with the use of MT4. This is made possible with the ability to import scripts, write custom technical indicators and even the most intricate automation of trading using MT4. With the employment of IG, it offers traders take full advantage of the a vast wealth of opportunities to make more of a global market that never sleeps.

Why use MT4?

With its outstanding dealing automation and charting, MT4 still remains as the most preferably chosen platform for the following reasons: (1) it has a clean and intuitive layout and visually friendly interface, (2) it has hundreds of open-source Expert Advisors (EAs) made available and are easily accessible for download on the web, (3) it has an active community and forums to assist traders when they can’t find an Expert Advisor that suits their needs and (4) the ability to swiftly refresh account balances without the added hassles.

Why use MT4 with IG Index?

This new service brings together the platform traders of all sorts are actively searching for which they can trust that can bring them not only to MT4’s wide range of ingenious range of features but more importantly the reliability as well as the resources of the UK’s No.1 retail forex provide. Moreover, the following lists the advantages by using MT4 with IG Index:

  1. Lightning-fast execution that deals 99.51 % of transactions in 0.1 seconds with no third-party bridges.
  2. Real-time pricing which receive actual prices even in the most volatile conditions.
  3. Competitive spreads which take full advantage of spreads just 1.2 pips on a wide range of currency pairs.
  4. Credible research and analysis that is able to gain full access to the latest trends, FX news and analysis in addition to its already unique presentation of market data.
Last Updated: August 28th, 2013