Spread Betting Glossary: S

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Sell bet
A bearish position, synonymous with shorting, which allows the trader to earn a profit in respect of each incremental downwards movement of an underlying asset or instrument.
An abbreviation for Stock Electronic Trading Service, which allows access to trading on the markets electronically without a physical presence.
Settlement price
The relevant price point at which a position is closed, or settled, determining the amount of profit or loss on a particular trade.
A downwards position opened in forecast of a falling market, where traders notionally sell an underlying instrument to buy when the market falls. Go short is one of the main advantages of spread betting.
A term used to define the trade of assets and instruments with immediate effect, with the spot price being the given price point at the time the trade is executed.
The margin between the buy and sell prices of a given market, used to factor in broker commissions in spread betting.
Stop loss
A limit placed by a trader to close out a position before a market moves too strongly in an opposing direction; used as a means of limiting trading losses.