Spread Betting Glossary: M

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The portion of a leveraged transaction the trader must be able to cover at any one time. Margin requirements are rolling, and may therefore require traders to deposit more heavily into their account, otherwise open (and potentially profitable) positions will be liquidised to apply to the trader's debt.
Margin call
A demand from the broker for an addition deposit to cover liability, or in security for the ongoing financing of a given trade or account.
Market hours
The set hours during which markets are open to trade, variable depending on the specific market and local timings, setting a start and end date for one trading day.
Market order
Synonymous with Market Price Order, a market order is a position that is opened in response to a pre-determined price trigger, such that the trader can automatically buy in to or sell a position when the market reaches a particular price point.
Minimum trade requirement
Synonymous with Notional Trading Requirement, the lowest amount of deposit required to fund a particular trade or maintain financing for an open leveraged position.