Spread Betting Glossary: I

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An abbreviation for the International Money Markets.
An abbreviation for Initial Margin Requirement, this is the amount of deposit required to execute a particular trade, providing sufficient cover for leveraged positions and to guard against trader default. Synonymous with Notional Trading Requirement.
An index is an aggregate value of all assets traded on a particular exchange, e.g. FTSE 100. Indexation is used to provide year on year comparisons and to reflect positive and negative growth over time.
Interest rate
The cost of borrowing or financing a position, taking into account the proportion of risk borne by the lender, expressed as a percentage of the total value of a trade.
Intraday bets
Positions that are taken over the course of one trading day, requiring the trader to either close the position or finance the roll-over costs associated (including interest on leveraged positions).