Spread Betting Glossary: G

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Gaps through
The gap between the current price of the security and the price when a position was entered, usually where a market rises or falls beyond the specified level when the position was opened.
Synonymous with leverage, gearing the extent to which a position is amplified against the initial stake, usually as a result of broker finance or the nature of a trading position.
An abbreviation for Good For Day, a trade which is specified as open until the end of the trading day in which it is executed.
A term for bonds issued by the UK government, as a result of the historic gilt edging on bond certificates.
An abbreviation for Good Till Cancelled, a position which remains open until it is closed by the trader, rolling overnight where necessary and attracting the relevant financing costs where applicable.
An abbreviation for Good Till Date, a position which is set to expire and thereby close at a given date specified by the trader or the nature of the transaction.
Guaranteed Stop Loss
An automatic trigger that closes out a position if the market falls to a certain level. Designed to protect the trader from runaway negative positions, and can be adjusted as positions move upwards to prevent losing any profits gained over the course of an open position.