Spread Betting Glossary

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Spread betting can be a confusing market for the uninitiated to get a handle on, thanks in no small part to the jargon that permeates virtually every aspect of the industry. From dead cat bounces to acid tests, getting to grips with these financial terms is seldom easy. Thanks to our A-Z Spread Betting Jargon Buster, you can work out at a glance what some of the most common trading and spread betting terms mean.

If you are serious about being professional day trader using financial spread betting or any other instrument you have to make sure that you understand what other traders say and use the tools available to the whole extent.

This spread betting glossary covers most of the terms and definitions which are applicable to trading. It is organised in an alphabetical order so you can easily navigate through the terms you are not familiar with and find definitions you did not know.

Despite our utmost attempt to include as many explanations as possible we might have missed a few. If you think we did not cover something in this trading glossary feel free to drop us an e-mail and we will research the terms of your interest and will prepare accurate and up-to-date definitions.