Online spread betting broker WorldSpreads has today announced a strategic partnership with Worldlink Global, operator of the imobilemarkets data service, in a move that will see WorldSpreads spread betting facilities integrated with Worldlink’s imobilemarkets network-wide offering.

The imobilemarkets service allows instant data transfer of relevant trading news and market conditions to allow clients to trade remotely, and the WorldSpreads-powered spread betting platform will be rolled out to clients across the imobilemarkets network, opening up extensive new avenues for market penetration.

The Daily Express newspaper will now also allow access to the platform, via its Express Markets feature, allowing its readership new live access to the imobilemarkets spread betting platform.

Respective spokespersons from both sides of the table have acknowledged the benefits of the partnership deal agreed today, as a good synergy for both businesses while also marking a move forward in creating an even more responsive, even more promptly on-demand trading environment.

As spread betting continues to gain traction nationwide as a result of a heightening national profile, it is thought the move will help WorldSpreads access new, previously untapped consumer markets for financial spread betting and mobile trading.