Leading spread betting platform WorldSpreads has just declared its preliminary results to the end of March 2010 showing a jump in profitability as a direct result of its growing business, as spread betting becomes increasingly popular in the UK and international markets.

Its pre-tax profits rose some 1200% on the same period last year, leaping from EUR 250,000 to EUR 3 million, which the groups itself has said is a result of its growing customer base across UK and worldwide trading markets, in addition to revenue growth from EUR 6.9 million to EUR 12.89 million.

This clearly indicates the continued and evergreen rise of financial spread betting against other volatile markets as traders continue to choose spread betting as a way of maximizing trading exposure through leverage and obtaining the often crucial capital gains tax advantage.  And with CGT rates set to rise as a result of the latest budget, brokers might well expect to see further growth in the number of new accounts opened and the volumes traded as investors seek alternative, more tax-efficient means of trading.