I ask people, what is your main goal for investing in market. Not to lose your money! Your derivative goal is making money. Your main goal is not to lose. Thus whenever we look at market or else look at the stock we would like to ensure that we know what options are of losing that, and this is most likely one of biggest flaws for majority of the people who are involved in a market, they will not know what the risk is while they purchase stock of losing that.

Most of the people when they purchase stock buy it due to one thing. That is normally why they purchase it, they buy that based on hope & greed, and they will not buy it based on any kind of analysis. They will not buy it from seeing at what the risk can be. They buy that based on hope & greed and, that is why most of the people lose in market. Thus if our main goal is not losing it first thing that we should not do is being trading speculative stock.

Someone mentioned that they were trading choices before. I am not against the trading options, warrants, futures or else spec stocks of the CFDs, any of these markets are good markets to trade when you have foundation and somebody mentioned that earlier. When you have foundation & know how you can trade as well make 25% 40% for every annum in a market, you will take that knowledge & you can apply that to anything. You can also apply that & by end of this study I will show you strategy on how you may take all knowledge that you have learned in just 6 weeks and you may apply that to earning money going down in 2 or 3 hours, thus you can tip an whole lot upside down & earn money both the ways however you need to have foundation first & then once you have got that, you can see what people do, when you have got that foundation where you can apply that to some other markets.

What some people do is that they leverage the ignorance and it means huge losses so we will not want to look at the spec stocks. We will look purely at quality stocks; actually in your manuals you know that there is list of around 100 stocks that we update on regular basis.