At the close of the first trading day for the month of April, the London stock market trading posed positively by garnering an almost 2 per cent gain. This was after the manufacturing statistics for the United States market poised better than what has been expected from it came out and revived the hopes for the continuous recovery of the biggest economy of the world.

Among the best performers in the world economic dashboard on the said trading day was the FTSE 100 index, which marked 106.6 higher making it reach a 5874.9 level at the close of the trading day after a very roller coaster session. Moreover, a trade company of purchasing managers noted an increase in its manufacturing activity by 53.4 per cent at the end of month of March. This was almost 2 per cent higher compared to the data and statistics in the previous month. Moreover, the best part of this is that the economist only expected that industry to rise up to 53.0, which means the industry performed better than what is expected from it.

On the other part of the world economy for stock market trading, the manufacturing sector of the United Kingdom (UK) market expanded as well more than the level that is expected from it according to some surveys. According to the said survey, the UK manufacturing hit 52.1, which is its 10-month high and exceeded the expected level of 50.8. However, it has been noted that the said growth in the industry can be partly attributed to the building levels of record rates as well as inventories.

Furthermore, on the other side of the world stock market trading, the Chinese manufacturing statistics have been performing really strong making the worries for the global economic outlook to be eased. For example, the factories in China were quite busy in March making the official manufacturing activity to be measured as high as 53.1 at the end of this year’s first quarter. However, on the sad part of the story, some analysts and economists are seeing that the overall Euro zone stock marketing trading is still weakening or faltering.

Last Updated: April 7th, 2012