With the UK General Election just a few days away, many punters are already spread betting on the outcome of the election, Capital Spreads are offering you the chance to sign-up for their free in-depth election report.

The outcome of the General Election is set to have a significant impact on a number of markets. That’s why their team of Market Analysts at London Capital Group (LCG) will help you prepare for your next trading move in the run up to the election with a specialised report.

What can I expect in the report?

  • Summary analysis of the latest opinion polls/potential outcome of the UK General Election


  • Possible scenarios on the outcome of the election and their impact on the FX market and BoE monetary policy


  • Key support and resistance levels to monitor pre-election in the one-week countdown to the vote (FX and indices)


  • Summary analysis of the UK stock market and potential winners and losers by sector and individual companies