CFD traders should trade in support of overarching price trends, in order to guarantee the lowest risk returns from leveraged trading, as a particular response to turbulent global markets and a volatile commodity trading climate.

CFDs are naturally leveraged transactions, and as such rely on smaller positive market movements to yield an acceptable return. By trading with the grain of the market on a particular CFD, traders can make smaller returns much more steadily, lowering the risk profile of CFD trading.

With a consistent approach to trading CFDs in line with underlying market price trends, has said that traders can generate market-beating returns on their capital without having to engage in high risk, dangerous practices, simply by identifying market opportunities and trading with the trend.

One of the trading fundamentals we recommend for a stress-free trading experience is to trade with the trend. While it can be possible to predict a downward price movement against a rising market, you’re far more likely to yield a positive result from trading in line with the price trend, and far less open to risk when you’re playing it parallel to the market. With the benefits of leverage on your side, trading on trend can be a feasible way to deliver a quick profit from CFD trading, without having to risk venturing out against the market.

At, we advise on a range of different trading strategies and tips, aimed at helping to provider traders with the knowledge and practical tools they need to succeed with CFDs. Providing a solid foundation for traders to make dynamic trading decisions, we recommend a trading style that flows in the same direction as the markets as the most straightforward way to earn your profit.