Just last week. British investors suffered heavily from the prejudicial response by Dmitry Peskov when considering the response of their own stock market. Any assumption is that there will be more exotic exchanges between the two countries hereafter.

For the past 20 years, UK Equities returned 7.8pc, easily beating out the 6.4pc from the global equities excluding the United kingdom by way of annual returns provided for by commodities, gilts and gold all together.

What actually hinders some British investors from better appreciating their home market is the mistake of extrapolating from its national macro-economic statistics as against to the performance of a given stock market. There is indeed to doubt as to the economic performance if The British economy over the past five years however, it is an observable fact that this will not repeat itself anytime soon, mainly because the market is not the same as the economy in general.

Constituent companies in the FT All Share are constantly winnowed down by special treatment. The recent hardship experienced by the UK’s industrial north is not relevant for, as an example ARM, the FTSE 100 designer of chips for Apple, which shares are up 12-fold over the past five years.

There is a further undervalued implication of the non-identity between the UK stock market and the UK’s national economy to say the least. This is attributable to the centuries-long global outlook of British businessmen’s actions that resulted in a corporate sector that is astonishingly global in constitution.

The estimated 30pc of annual sales generated by the quoted British companies which were in fact derived from the domestic economy, almost 70pc came from overseas and that UK quoted companies were able to book more business in new emerging markets than they do within the premises of their region. Moreover, the UK is indeed a global stock market which actively provides a convenient access to most of today’s great global investment themes.

A final reason for the disenchantment is traceable to the start date over a decade ago was the most appropriate juncture from which assets will potentially return. However, it so happens that the date is peculiarly critical for UK equities considering that the peak of the high-tech era is reaching its peak. In fact, the FT All Share is only estimated 8pc higher that it was almost a decade ago which is considered to be narrowly performing.