Tesla is never out of the headlines, and with good reason! In mid-July, the share price hit a record high – just below $1,800. That was a five-fold increase on where the shares traded just four months ago. This gave Tesla a market capitalisation of $320 billion making it the world’s most valuable car maker by miles.


Tesla is one of the most talked-about companies in the world. Every day it features in the top three of the most popular stocks on CoreSpread’s ‘Smart News’ social media tracking widget. Hardly surprising, as little over a year ago, some commentators were speculating that the company was close to bankruptcy.


But all this interest and the high share price has made it too expensive for most traders to speculate on Tesla.


You can now trade Tesla as a US mini-share, where it joins other heavyweights such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple. By dividing the dealing price by ten, they’ve slashed the initial margin required to trade the share price. This also reduces the volatility, making a Tesla trade a much less scary proposition than it was before.


The latest move in Tesla’s share price made it the 14th largest US company by market capitalisation, up from 20th the month before. The company releases its second quarter results after the US market close on Wednesday 22nd July. How will it fare after that?


Last Updated: November 4th, 2020