Competition in financial spread betting is intensifying day by day and we hardly have to wait for a week before a new spread betting broker emerges or existing one cuts the spreads on popular markets.

It has hardly been a few months since Capital Spreads slashed their spreads on currency markets sending GBP/USD spread to just 2 pips and EUR/USD to the ultra tight spread of just 1 pip.

Just a few weeks back IG Index puts more pressure on Capital Spreads with introducing extremely tight spreads on major indices (rolling daily only) and setting DAX and FTSE100 at 1 point and Wall Street 30 to just 2 points.

Now CityIndex joins the party and goes even further by introducing historically low spreads on all major rolling daily indices including FTSE100, DAX30, CAC40 and most amazingly on Wall Street 30 to just 1 point.

At the end of the day spread bettors and day traders are set to benefit from the tough competition and it is great news for all of us. Bet they will attract even more novice traders who would be eager to benefit from such low commissions.

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