It is hard to know how to compare spread betting prices as the fees tend to be bundled up within the spreads. We know that this has been frustrating for many of you as the difference can add up to thousands of pounds on big and successful spread bets.
We know that our site is only as good as our users, and so we don’t just say that we care what you think – we know this site’s future depends on what you think. We have had no choice.
To help you find the best deal for your spread bets, We have created a new comparison table. It uses a unique formula to compare the costs of the spread bets across the various companies. No other site does this. We will also keep this up to date when the spread bet providers change their rates so whenever you have a trade that you’d like to conduct you can consult our unique comparison table to know who will make you the most money.
We have had some great feedback already on this tool. A number of active users have told us that they find it far more informative and to the point than the previous tool, or the tools offered by other spread betting sites. It’s also easier to use.
We hope you enjoy it and find it profitable.