Gold miners made such substantial limitations to their reserved when they accounted in their 4th quarter earnings just this month which was not surprising at all to see that gold prices plummeted approximately 27 % last year in which the companies made more conventional pricing assumptions for any anticipated future changes in prices.

Silver, on the other hand was performing far worse that gold as of last year, plummeting at an embarrassing 35 %, which presently stands as the predominant grounds that the silver-focused miners would be cutting back on their reserves as well. However, this by far hasn’t been the case in the present.

Analysts from J.P. Morgan pointed out the Pan American Silver Corporation, along with Coeur Mining Incorporated and Hecla Mining Corporation all were able to bolster their respective reserves in the fourth quarter results despite as though they lowered their price assumptions wherein it was even regarded as a striking form of increase.

Coeur and Pan American were able to deliver adequate net organic growth and expansions in term of reserves despite as the silver prices used have dramatically fallen in the past few months. It can be noted that Hecla was able to profit from including its new Casa Berardi operation in reserves as well as other asset resources in their disposition.

Moreover, the above mentioned companies’ approximate reserves increased 16 %, largely because of the additions at its Rochester process. Likewise Hecla is known to have high-quality assets, which safeguards it from hefty reserve declines. Reserves surged 13 % overall, with new ounces that were added at the recent Lucky Friday operation. Furthermore, Pan American were able to increase its reserves by a meagre 2 %, mainly because of the recent successful exploration at the La Colourada mine located in Mexico.

Finally, Hecla recently used silver price of US$20 an ounce in order to calculate its estimated remaining reserves this year in order to make the most conservative of the three above mentioned companies. Furthermore, Pan American allocated US$22 while Coeur likewise utilised US$25with silver presently trading above some extent US$22 an ounce to some extent.