Investors and traders alike may have heard or seen the term “1-point spreads” being publicised by several prominent spread betting providers on different forms of media such as print ads and online advertisements and banners. What really is 1-point Spread and why is this renowned in the spread betting race?
The Point

The main concern for novice traders is actually their comprehension of the benefits using the 1-point spread as one of their techniques in successfully using spread betting practices. Almost all spread betting companies are imploring back their basics in spread betting techniques which is aimed primarily to those traders who are relatively new or inexperienced. The goal is to infuse optimism of sorting out several misconstrued terminology in the market in order to catch the attention of more clients.

The Spread

The 1-point facet of this term actually pertains to the distinction between the price traders can purchase a certain market and the price at which they can most certainly sell them at a profitable stand point. The nearer are the price together, the faster they can probably make a profit on their trade since the market doesn’t need to move farther in either direction to profit from either way.
Basically, if the market moves opposite the trader’s aspect they stand a much better chance of losing in the long term which in the spread betting world exceeding initial deposit if traders don’t have contingencies in their risk management strategies or if they don’t have one in the first place.

The main difference between two prices as the ‘spread’, therefore ‘1-point spreads stands out. The closer the spread the better the chances hence the ‘1-point spreads provided by spread betting companies is a very appealing reason to start trading using this scheme.

The Provider

When talking about spread betting providers and which one provides the best service, there are indeed a lot of considerations in choosing wisely spread betting contractors. Basically, when considering a spread betting company, choosing one that provides spread betting choices that are easy to understand with feasible and practical system and not simply fuelled by complex profit oriented techniques.