Tesco is presently flooded by reports regarding its investigation into its £250 million black hole punters on their shopping list last week as some still remained optimistic of the supermarket giant hitting the pavement.

The shares were down more than 20 % in the past month since the revelations were unveiled. The delayed first-half results due last week gave investors a reason to think about the possible consequences of the present condition whether or not the conditions will later improve.

The new chief executive of the company is prompt to execute contingencies to sort out the mess. The blame game as of the moment points to the regime of the company’s predecessor which emerged that the latter’s administration caused the drop in the trust of business advisers.

Things are not that simple but Tesco shares spent most of the day at the top of the table, only to slip a little toward the end of the afternoon session to finish at 4.75 at 1,793 points.
Hospital giant Intercontinental Hotels Group took a spot ahead of its third-quarter figures which was due this week levelling which was up 93 points at 2,249 points correspondingly.

Traders still remained largely sceptical of any good news for the markets albeit Asian shares making a recuperation of its losses. Investors in the Square Mile are still concerned regarding the slow growth, a re-emerging Eurozone crisis along with the crisis on the spread of Ebola.

Last week’s rally buzzed out and the FTSE 100 cascaded 43.22 points to 6,267.07 – it was down more than 5 % this month following its 15-month low last week.

Oil shares were out favoured once again as the oil price slump lingered: oil and gas giant BC Group hit the bottom of the blue-chip table, down 40.5p to 1,024.5p along with the oil services of Petrocaf slipped 30p to 1,030p when the trio of experts speculation their price target for the group was not as approximate in their prediction.

Tech stocks were on the sell list following a rather disappointing update from IBM and SAP. Smartphone microchip designer Arm Holdings were able to lose 23.5 points to 851.5 points ahead of Apple’s results.
On AIM, according to Tanzania-based Shanta Gold, its third-quarter production was up 4 % which correspondingly gained 0.5p to 9.38p. While small-cap explorer President Energy burst almost 80 % – up 13p to 30p on reports that it allegedly found oil in Paraguay.

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2014