Why most of the traders lose money? It can be lack of knowledge or else lack of capability to apply sensible rules. Here is the overview of what will make traders possible to succeed. Guarding your capital & good money management tactics are very important as mentioned here:

Are you fascinated by the idea of staying in control of all your financial future, however confused about how you can start investing in a stock or else share market, whereas avoiding costly mistakes? Alternatively, perhaps you are disappointed with the performance up until now. Does it feel like whenever you take a plunge and purchase in a market, price goes down?

You have probably attended the seminars, read some other newsletters or else broker reports informing you to buy that and you have probably heard much confusing and at times conflicting info?

Maybe you are attracted to charts that you have seen showing power of compounding investments and have worked out benefits of having a higher percentage. In case you do not want to be saddled with “do nothing” portfolio, which adds nothing to the bottom line or even more worse, goes backwards, and read on.

Reality is that very few get an long term success by the online trading or else investing in a stock or else share markets all over the world. Even lesser for people who are trading online in highly leveraged CFDs, options, futures, FX and commodities markets.

Good news is that skills are learned from the expert investors & traders who have left before you & will lead you over the minefield. You can lose – and might lose regularly at times – but key difference between all those who win and those who lose is keeping an value of the total losses very low when compared with the profits gained.

Improving your online investing or else trading performance in a stock or else share market and developing your home-based business needs investors & traders to learn how they can strengthen all of the 3 legs of your investing and trading stool

Technical Analysis

Money and Risk Management

Your personal Psychology

At very least, you require all three points to be strong – to survive, and then thrive to productively make money and outperform in a stock or else a share market.

Last Updated: November 4th, 2021