This past week the FTSE 100 is dangerously at 0.2 per cent level as the final half hour of trading in London came to a close.

Although the regular investor will not be very delighted to see any decline in the FTSE 100 in some time soon. We are expecting various thoughts and comments for those speculating traders who have placed much of their investments on failing indexes.

The use of spread betting is indeed one of the most renowned ways of showcasing negative market attitude; and therefore will present a considerable and a fair portion of the spread betting community who are desperately anticipating for further decline.

A financial expert has said that the majority of investors were caught short by the bullish 2013 opening. According to reports in earlier sessions was forecasted to have gained with the purchasing momentum already withering as US stocks began the week on an off beam track after the terrible news regarding poor order numbers for a particular company’s cell phone device.

In the morning of the trade it was suspended just around the 6130 area nearing its year to date optimum level with the FTSE eventually yielding to the bearish status which was further aggravated by lower US markets.

For those clients who have been trading the FTSE 100 earlier this week will have a breathing space with a much comfortable relief by seeing little movement to the downside but are still in a heightened sense by hoping a weakness to follow as many clients are still in the offside since the markets began its operation this year in such a strong fashion.

So far the impending rally attributed from the US fiscal cliff was avoided and much of the economic data exceeded expectations but with the US earning season currently underway heavy inquiry is given to one prominent company’s report which is something many traders are not excited to know.