Recently, the equity futures have been following to a higher and positive level the Euro currency as sentiments of players in the stock market trading before the much awaited regional meeting of the finance ministers. According to some reports and press releases, the said regional meeting is expected to focus in discussing and deciding on the proposal to increase of available funds for bailout in the region.

Moreover, it has been raised recently that the positive sentiments perceived in the stock market are from the several comments of some government officials stating the confidence in attaining the necessary votes of the majority in order to pass the proposal. Further, as more and more investors are entering new long positions at a lower level, the oil prices as well as the metals are both pushed higher.

The other markets and indices in the world of stock market trading are performing relatively as well. For example, the EuroStoxx50 futures are better by 0.8 per cent before the London opened while the S&P500 moved very miniscule with only 0.3 per cent increase. As initially stated already above, the oil prices marked a higher stance with around 0.6 per cent from the last session, which makes it start to recover from a huge decline of 3.2 per cent in the last week.

On the other hand, in the Asian stock market trading, the Japanese Yen takes a higher stance or position after data sets were out showing that the core consumer price index or CPI was marked higher for the month of February. Aside from that, the country’s unemployment rate also dropped down in the same period, which makes the economy have a better and more positive outlook and key indicators. Furthermore, on the other part of the world, the key economic indicators in Australia show a positive position as well.

Having an advanced look on what will most likely happen in the coming weeks or month, the story line of the stock market trading will heavily dictated on the results from the regional meeting of the finance ministers of the Euro zones. Specifically, the proposal is about the one-year condition that will eventually raise or elevate the ceiling for the bailout funds for the Euro zone’s member nations that are indebted.

Last Updated: April 9th, 2012