DF Markets announce the release of a new version of the mobile trading application.

Besides the usual workflow optimisation, they have enhanced the way mobile app behaves on tablets: now it automatically detects the screen size of your device and adjusts its interface for your ultimate trading experience.

Here are some of the other new things you will find in DFMobile:

  • Added a mode which lets you remove trading instruments from the Quotes tab – and it only takes a simple tap on the little pad-and-pencil icon in the upper right corner to activate this mode.
  • In the Positions tab, you can now see which positions are Logical and which are not – Logical mode positions are indicated with a thin yellow line.
  • Improved the charts, and have added a new Zoom on pinch function: when activated, it allows you to move or scale the chart by pinching the device’s display.
  • The times in the economic calendar will now be displayed in the local time of your device, and not in UK time as it was until now.
  • Added a little “i” button next to the instruments’ symbols on the New order, Charts and Position info screens. Tapping it opens an info box with detailed information about that particular instrument.
  • Last but not least, with the new version of the mobile trading app Android users will be receiving notification whenever a pending order is executed or their password is changed. These notifications are enabled by default but can be disabled from the app settings menu.

The new DFMobile app is compatible with iOS, Android (ver. 4.2.0 and up) and Windows Mobile operating systems, and can be downloaded from the corresponding store.